Publisher Partner Program

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What is the Publisher Partner Program?

It’s about win-win partnerships that grow web exposure.

If you run a local business today, chances are good that you rely on the exposure you get on the major search engines: Google and Bing (Yahoo’s results are fed from Bing).  With Google being the primary dominant search engine, it’s essential that your business ranks well.

The problem is to rank well Google needs to think that others find your site important.  A subject matter expert so to speak.  To determine this, they track the INBOUND links to your site from other sites.

How do you increase your site’s inbound links?

Two ways: 1) organically – which includes creating remarkable content on your site that other sites want to link to, getting links from social networks, etc. and 2) link building efforts.  Our partnership together is about this second option of creating valued content and linking to each other through that content.

As Google begins to see more inbound links to your site – your keywords begin to rank better.  When that happens – you get more eyeballs to your business website….which ultimately should result in more business.

How would our partnership work?

Goal: Driving new eyeballs back and forth between our sites.

Display our job listings on your website.

 Under this approach – we provide your web developer with a snippet of code.  He places this snippet on the page where you want visitors to your website to view current open job listings on  The jobs content will scroll on your site and can be designed to fit the color scheme and space you decide.  We can usually get this code to your programmer within 48 hours of a conversation wtih the developer.  Alternatively – we can provide an iFrame code snippet to your programmers for easy inclusion in a custom page on your own domain name.

Link to us from content created for your own website.

Your business provides valuable content for both customers and prospective customers.  Some of this is no doubt informational in nature.  It may be an article about your market, or something pertaining to employment.  Either way – a simple link to a relevant page on LocalJobs works perfect.  For example – you may want to link a page with content about Manufacturing in your city – to a page on LocalJobs that has manufacturing jobs in your city.


How LocalJobs links to Your Site

Guest Authorship:


As an expert in your business area, if your content is a good match for our employment site, then we would welcome you as a guest author.  Through the content you write – we would link this content back to the applicable page on your website.

For larger companies and/or publishers – we can easily incorporate your RSS feed for full inclusion of your content on our site.  We adjust the canonical URL setting on our site so as to avoid Google duplicant content penalties.

Related Content Links


As we write content that makes sense to link to your industry or website – we would reference our publishing parters before a non-partner business.

Our content makes your site super sticky

Local job listings are something so basically vital to someone considering or already living in your market. Why?  Simple – because people are either active or passive job seekers and when they see jobs on your site – they will return again and again to find/apply for local jobs.  Our content becomes a differentiator for your business website over your competitors.

How much does it cost to implement?

There is no cost to partner with  In fact quite the opposite, depending on which manner of linking wtih us you choose – we have a special deal to help YOUR company recruit prospective candidates as well.  All complimentary.  Ask your representative for more information or complete the form below and we’ll get back with you with full details on this offer.

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Getting Started

Our process to get the publisher partner program setup for your company is quite simple – please fill out the form below and let us know the best way to reach you.  We’ll follow up and have the program put together quickly, efficiently and with little effort required from your team.  We look forward to working with your company soon.

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