This week we are introducing one of our new founding coaches on the LocalJobs Career Coaches Marketplace Mitzi Schawo.

Mitzi is a wonderful person who brings a unique combination of enthusiasm, experience and expertise to every coaching opportunity she embraces.

One of the key areas every job seeker needs to be ready for is the mental preparedness of interviewing.  Whether prepping for your first interview….or when it doesn’t work out….the fortitude to keep up a positive mental attitude of staying focused, positive and persistent for the cause.

Mitzi WILL help you get focused and pointed in the right direction on your next career opportunity.  Perhaps best said by one of her recent customers:

“Mitzi is a great teacher and mentor who’s greatest strength is putting everything into context. I recently attended an Interview Skills & Resource workshop hosted by Mitzi. She was able to relate each core concept back to my personal work and life experience. This allowed me to see the value I can bring to a new job as a current career changer. I highly recommend meeting with Mitzi or attending a workshop to learn more about your own growth and value.”

You can learn more about Mitzi on her Career Coach profile page.