If your company is spread thin and struggling under the weight of day-to-day duties, it may be time to bring more hands on deck. Finding a new employee is a long and grueling process, and one that every employer dreads. As you psyche yourself up for the long road ahead filled with wordy resumes and drawn-out interviews, here are some tips to help you cut back on all of that time and effort.


Every business has it’s own unique culture. When you’re seeking to grow your company or fill a position, you want to make sure that your new employee is the right fit. A candidate can have all of the qualifications needed to fill your open position, but if their personality clashes with your current staff, then your business as a whole won’t be operating at 100%. How can you avoid hiring the wrong character?

LocalJobs.com allows candidates to embed a short video into their online resume when they set up an account with our platform. These video introductions are no more than 60 seconds long and allow you to have a sneak peek at the personality of your potential employee. This pitch, along with the information in their resume, will allow you to get a feel of the candidate’s character before you even call them in for an interview!


When you’re searching for a new employee, you want to find someone who will help your business, not hinder it. A new hire with drive will help boost your company’s efficiency and increase profits. A candidate’s resume can say more about their drive than you think.

The first thing to look out for is the length of time the candidate has spent at their past jobs. If you see a resume that has a new employer listed every other month, you should be wary. The only exception to this rule is if the candidate has consistent freelance work or other contract-type jobs. If this is the case, then you should take a closer look at the responsibilities the candidate carried out on a day to day basis at these past positions. How did they handle the workload? Was the project successful?

You can find out more about your candidate’s drive-by contacting their past employers and getting the hard facts straight from the horse’s mouth. An old boss will have no reason to sugar coat information about their past employee’s work ethic.


A good personality and drive will mean nothing if your candidate does not have the skills required to fulfill your open position. What strengths is your company currently lacking? Look closely at that resume. Do the candidate’s past jobs align with your open position? Remember that no matter how much experience they have, there will still be a learning curve. Every company operates differently. Decide how much time you’re willing to devote to training a new employee.

Finding the perfect person to fill in the empty spaces between your staff can be a difficult process. Struggling through wordy resumes and fruitless interviews can cost you time and effort that you may not have to spare. LocalJobs.com makes finding the perfect candidate easy with our Business Recruitment Solutions. Register with us today and find your next favorite employee!