Just in time for the beginning of 2021 – LocalJobs.com is excited to launch our new Career Coach Marketplace.  This new platform brings together top career coaches from around the United States who have extensive experience in mentoring and coaching careerists at all different stages of their career.  The range varies from recent college grads…to mid-career changers…to season executives – our coaches deliver the insight and expertise to help take a career to the next level.

Career coaches have expertise in technology, education, human resources, marketing, sales and many other skills.

Our services are priced at three different levels: Ambassador, Coach and Head Coach….otherwise known as “Budget: Very Tight”, “Budget: Spend Where Necessary” and “Budget: No Object”.

The career coach marketplace makes it easy for candidates to evaluate from a menu of career coach sessions and select those that suites their immediate need and budget.

“It’s perfectly normal for professionals in sports – and I mean the best of the best, to use a coach to help refine and improve their technique.  Yet – most people when asked if they’ve ever used a career coach to get ahead – say no.  Most say they wouldn’t even know where to begin.  That’s why we decided to launch the Career Coach Marketplace.  An online platform where we can bring coaches and those looking to grow their career together” says Brian Bowman, CEO LocalJobs.com.

Current coaching sessions include:

For more information on career coaching call us at 828-26818975 or visit the Career Coach Marketplace for more information.

Visit here if you want to be a Career Coach with us.