For any business searching for good employees, importance is placed on the excellent abilities to research prospective employees. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to realize that knowledge is power. Large companies are aware of that fact so much that they will spend a lot of money into the research needed to be competitive by acquiring substantial knowledge important in hiring reliable and experienced employees.

These same large companies already have professional libraries on staff who have expertise in acquiring information on customers, competitors and clients. In the art of researching prospective employers, the more knowledge that is obtained about a possible employer will give you an edge that is competitive. This knowledge is all about the prospective employee contacting the employer first, even before going to the interview. Information about the company is valuable in order to learn more about the job offer. This means that the act of successfully researching prospective employers has certain steps that are smart to follow.


By using resumes and other means to showcase your qualifications and experience, there are certain facts that are basic to learn about the employer. One of the first items to research is the type of industry that the company is all about. Researching prospective employers involves knowing who some of their important clients are, what the company does, and even learn the names of the executives such as the President, CEO, and others. Also, it is smart to learn who will be in charge of hiring you.


This is the real time for conducting a deeper research of your prospective employer. The more information you can gather before that interview, will enable you be have an advantage over others trying out for the same position. One of the first questions asked on an interview is “What do you already know about our company and what we do?” That information will also give you opportunities to ask intelligent questions pertinent to the job offer and the company itself. These questions should normally be held until the end of the interview. Your research will be similar to what the company learns about you before they meet you. Your research about knowing your employer will help with your particular presentation that you give to them.


When you are offered that job you are usually allowed a certain amount of time to decide if you will accept the position. Research prospective employers also includes learning about the financial standing of the company. This knowledge is necessary so that you can decide if a commitment to the company is a smart idea. A company with a negative financial ground must be evaluated before accepting the job and committing your time and efforts to that company. The research of business news is a great way to keep up with the company’s financial standings.

There are several ways in which to accomplish this financial research. There are Securities and Exchange Commission Documents that can be obtained. A reliable source of this information are the documents from the (SEC) US Security and Exchange Commission. This Commission oversees the securities markets in order to protect potential investors. The SEC is also a federal agency. The majority of companies who have out of the company shareholders who all have a financial interest are required to have their financial information available to everyone. These companies are known as being publicly held. This is accomplished by filing required documents with the SEC.

All companies who have outside shareholders have to release their financial status, but it is required to file with the SEC if there are securities traded within commerce that in interstate. It is also required if there is an equity security class of over 500 shareholders and/or has over $1 million in assets. These particular companies need to file documents that include annual reports. The annual reports are Form 10-Qs and Form 10-Ks, and are found online at the EDGAR Database.


In addition to the above-mentioned methods to research prospective employers, there are several other ways to accomplish this. Corporate websites have loads of information and should really be the first place to search. Social media is another form of research that most companies are now involved with. Press releases are also able to show information that can be advantageous to the consumer as well as the media. They can be located on

Directories are another form of research. They can give information on publicly and private-held companies. The local library may even have these types of directories. Business news is a source that can be used to locate information that the company may even hide from the public.

Local newspapers can be a helpful source if the prospective employer is located in your town or city. National newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, the New York Times and The Chicago Tribune are great sources of large US and international businesses.

Business, Industry and Professional journals are also excellent means of research. The Wall Street Journal is a perfect example. Other journals will focus on certain industries, and others will keep you informed of activities in your particular field.