Finding a job you want is never easy. In 2020, the competition for the most lucrative roles is intense. Having the right strategy is, therefore, vital.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the strategies that you can use to get the role that you want. Read on to find out how to get ahead of the competition, and start living a life of your choosing.

Find What’s in Demand and Upskill

With every year that passes, consumer tastes and technology changes, and with it, the demand for specific skills. Thus the skills that you have today might not be relevant in the years to come. That’s why some of the most successful career-orientated people continuously look for the areas in which their CV lacks. A skills gap could be what’s holding them back from the career that they want.

Despite the gloomy predictions, technology doesn’t usually replace whole jobs, but tasks in those jobs. Workers, therefore, should keep an eye on the relevant skills in their industry most in-demand. In retail, it’s leadership ability; in finance, it’s creativity, and in professional services, it’s the ability to solve complex problems.

Embed Your CV with a Video

Your CV should be a window into your personality, and an indication of the type of person that a company will get if they hire you. Most, however, are just bland pieces of paper detailing personal achievements. There’s not a lot to them.

Digital technology helps you to change the dynamics. No longer do you have to rely on bullet points and text to convey a measure of your personality – you can now include a video too. has video introduction software that you can embed into your resume, which gives you an edge against other candidates. Hiring managers can see you in the flesh and get more of a sense of what you’re about and the skills you’ll bring. What’s more, you have the chance to do something interesting with your CV. Unlike 99 percent of the other candidates out there, you’re not relying on a single mode of communication to sell yourself.

Look for Remote Work Opportunities

The job market is changing fast. People aren’t working in the same ways that they used to. And companies aren’t hiring people to work on physical premises as they once did. It’s all changing.

Network computing and the cloud have made remote working easier than ever. Company cultures are changing too, with more and more executives giving the green light to people working from any location that they want around the world. Your next job, therefore, could be lurking online, not in an office.

Get Ready for Trick Questions

Employers are always looking for ways to separate the genuinely talented from the merely intelligent. Trick questions are one of the ways that they do this (even if it’s a misguided strategy in most cases). Thus, you need to be ready for trick questions, especially at the interview stage. Try, where possible, to analyze the problem and come up with a response. Often the trick is not to overcomplicate.

So, there you have it: how to find a job in 2020. Good luck!